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Go Premium Club

When you upgraded to a Premium Membership Plan you joined a club where the supporting members truly care about your business success. From the power and reach of the Chamber of Commerce network to help drive local prospects, to the premium member support center staff, you get nothing but the best support for your business.

Your Team
Your USA-based support team is located in Quincy, California which is about a 1-hour from the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Our support team currently supports MEMBERS from Chambers of Commerce and ADVERTISERS from Newspapers in over 40 states.  Our objective is to deliver beautiful business presentations and technology that truly delivers your message locally and expands your prospect reach.

Your Service 
As a Premium Member, you are entered into a club of businesses who are looking for solutions, not complications.   Everything we deliver will be done with due diligence and purpose.  Our workmanship will be excellent and responsive to your questions.


Your Tech
We invest a great deal in our technology and focus on delivering your solutions without you having to log in.  We know that Premium Members are busy running their business.  Everything we deliver is tuned for your leverage, not to sell you more services.  In fact, your Chamber is paying us to provide you with outstanding support and leverage.  We invite you to access our support center and get to know our friendly staff.  Every time you need our support, or just our advice, we will be here for you and that will remind you why you joined the club!


Your Paid
When you joined your local Chamber of Commerce, you had the option to join through the RED DOOR or upgrade to a Premium Membership Plan.  As a premium member, all of the setup and support services are always included.

To get started, click on the “RED” door (right) to join the GO Premium Club. Existing members can notify their Chamber and request a membership upgrade to premium

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